Benefits to join us

1. Established Brand

• You are permitted to use the MIND TREE brand, which is owned & supported by one of the country's leading and most established education brands.

• Support of a corporate establishment with years of experience.

2. Research-based Organisation

• The school chain started, owned and managed by Qualified Educationists, MBAs, and Ph.Ds.

• The school system developed from 'International Best Practices'.

• Learn from our experience and avoid costly start-up mistakes.

• Curriculum designed by the expert educationists of the R&D division.

• Continuous monitoring & up-gradation of the system as per the changing requirements.

3. Proven Success & Promising future

• Proven Franchise success model.

• Access to a successful support network.

• Personalised support resulting in highest success rates in the franchise sector in India.

• Increased awareness of parents about the importance to provide the best education to their children in the best schools.

• Stable venture irrespective of economic cycles (as people do not compromise on education of their children).

4. Exclusive Territory!

• Assistance in Site Selection.

• Clearly defined territory in your agreement to ensure the safety of your investment and efforts.

5. Excellent Returns & Satisfaction

• Comparably Higher admission enquiries and fee chargeable due to a preference for a national brand.

• Fee received in advance, therefore no bad debts.

• Convenient working hours thereby, giving you ample personal time.

• Watch your investment grow and get the satisfaction of a positive working environment.

• Enjoy a sense of ownership and garner respect in the society.

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