Nowadays, children advance much faster than their parents did, 20-30 years ago. Modern education system gives tons of information to children every year. This explains the wonder of faster development via technology. This phenomenon is standard today and not to be viewed as giftedness.

That our educational system is not producing all the goods, is by now a common knowledge to all. Business people are increasingly concerned about the lack of skills — such as the abilities to read, write and effectively communicate — demonstrated by many schools and university graduates.

The dissatisfaction among large numbers of young people with the education system is also obvious. Now, this is the big question mark. If education is only for memorizing words from the books and scoring high in exams then this could be the best option: Just lock the students in the class room and tell them to scan the book in to their brains. It's a good idea, isn't it? No, because the main purpose of education is not just cramming.

It's about knowing and doing what they learn in order to achieve suitable personality development. We at Intellisis do not believe in pouring out bunches of information into a child's brain. Our innovative methods of educating a child creates in him the skills of imagination, initiative, the ability to make decisions and judgements, and most of all the desire to learn and the love of learning so that he becomes independent and contributes positively to the country and human society as a whole.
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