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Opportunities in K-12 Schooling

The first step that one encounters while setting up a school in the K-12 school education space is the perusal of the way the industry works. In terms of content delivery and education standards, Tier-1 cities in India seem to be blessed with a number of good educational institutions but if one has a glance at Tier-2, Tier-3 & Tier-4 cities, there is a huge value gap in delivery. There is a dearth of good, professionally managed schools.

Even in the pre-school domain, a similar scenario exists. There are a great number of players working in the domain but there is huge gap in quality and support. As a professional group, we provide value in terms of back end support systems for these schools and enable improved learning systems.

Over the next decade, a major part of development in the education space would focus on the filling this huge demand and catering to it. As a group, it is our endeavor to bridge this gap and provide quality education in this space.

Reasons to Start a K-12 School

Not impacted by business cycles
A Growing market, Awareness for quality school growing
No stress of unsold inventory and wastage
Prime commercial location not required
High degree of satisfaction as you are giving a foundation to so many children's lives

What do we offer

Intellisis shall provide the Brand, the Marketing System, the Curriculum, the School Operating System and Consultancy on running the school

Why does one need professional help?

There are two key factors that point to the fact that professional help can go a long way in helping one set up a school. The first is the cost of land acquisition and property. Considering the prohibitive cost of such capital assets, it makes sense to have professional guidance in order to mitigate the risks. The second factor is service sector establishments such as schools, hospitals and restaurants are hugely dependent on establishing a brand value and delivering quality to their clients.

Any blip in performance can lead to a loss of name and it may be hard to redress such a situation. It is here that professional service takes over and increases the probability of success. Not only are academic issues catered to but also valuable inputs are provided for legal and operational issues which can lead to immense savings in time and expenditure.

Mind Tree's Vision

Mind Tree believes in the adoption of mutli-dimensional paradigms of learning & development in school education systems. Such an approach means that we place our complete focus on making students independent decision makers, problem solvers and to develop their emotional intelligence. The above forms the core ideal of our vision and this ideal is build further by the four parameters constituting our vision. These are:

Student Accomplishments:

Embrace the words 'making dreams come true for each child' as our raison d'etre and strive to surpass benchmarks set by the best institutions the world over. Each Mind Tree school figures among the top-3 in the region in events, across disciplines including academic Olympiads, sports, arts and aesthetics. We aim to ensure that each year students passing out from Mind Tree Schools' makes it to premier graduations institutes in India or abroad.

Research and Innovation:

Conduct path-breaking work in the area of curriculum designing through innovative practices in mainstream schools. We aim to establish ourselves among the top research-driven educational institutions in the country.

Community Development:

Work towards helping and supporting the community through active contribution.
  1. Invest time and efforts of each teacher & staff for local community development through programs like adult literacy & education for the poor, and parental counseling.
  2. Offer institutional facilities to the needs of the members of the local community in a free and fair manner through pre-disclosed terms and conditions.
Leadership building:
Strive to provide opportunities for every individual in the IRPL eco-system to develop leadership qualities on a day-to-day basis through.
a. Major work in all school operations, major functions, clubs, houses, Sports facilities etc. are done by the senior students under the faculty's guidance.

b. Contribute to the growth of teacher-mentor relationship, through active training, challenging assignments, personal mentoring etc. by our team.

Five Guiding Principles to fulfill our Vision

The vision that we carry is epitomized by our five guiding principles, the five Es of effective learning.

Engage: create an activity that engages the child, ideally an experience from real life.

Explore: create opportunities for exploring the idea viz. let children use different cricket bats of different weights on the field.

explain the phenomenon observed by giving it a name e.g. what they saw was indeed Newton’s second law of motion at work.

Expand: help create connections to more complex ideas and thoughts on the subject.

test and assess the students’ understanding to know whether they have actually been able to breakdown, digest and understand what was learnt.

We strictly adhere to these five Es in our pedagogy.

Broad Philosophy of Learning at Mind Tree School

The methods of learning that we follow at Mind Tree School are unique in nature and follow a child centric approach. At the heart of this concept lies the 'The Learner' model in our schools, where the emphasis is on each child and developing his unique talent and potential. Since no two children in the world can be the same, therefore learning cannot be restricted to reading and memorizing. There is much more that a child can do. There are intelligences beyond logical, mathematical or language-based. Recognition of these multiple intelligences enables the child to learn the way she is most comfortable in. This leads to a more holistic and effective learning, which stimulates the body, mind, and soul.

The core activities that a Mind Tree Learner carries out are:

• Learn on your own terms and by doing
• To play as seriously as study
• Understand the world by helping and reaching out to the community
• Take control of and know by self in order to find a purpose in life

Of course, at the heart of the curriculum in our schools lies the concept of learning for living.

What do we offer
The services are broadly defined into 2 categories – Pre-operational and Operational Services:

1. Pre-Operational Services:

These are services that IRPL will provide to the Edu-Partner once the legal contract has been entered into between both the parties.
The Pre – Operational services include the following:

A. Conceptualization/Initial Stage
- Help in identifying the location and conduction of primary survey for feasibility of the school in the city and surrounding areas.
- Guidance and help to form Trust/Company and other related legal frameworks like Change in land use, permission with the education deptt. etc.
- Guidance in making Project Report and raising bank loan.

B. Client Brief – Architect Brief & Assistance
- IRPL will provide the Edu-partner the brief for the Architect, which will be used for designing the school as per the land size and shape.
- Provide a project brief from an educational perspective for the architect.
- Review and approve the final design of the school.
- Provide tips and help to bring down cost of construction. We will also share our knowledge and contacts for processes such as better sourcing of material etc.

C. Human Resource and Recruitment Management
IRPL will guide the Edu-Partner in recruitment and selection of the Mentors and other key persons at the school. For the same, IRPL will provide the following to the Edu-Partner

- Detailed profile and job description of the key persons at the school.
- Standard recruitment tests and process. - Panel member for interviews of key positions such as the principal, head master etc.
- All School HR related processes will be given and concerned persons trained on the same.
- Training to all mentors and other staff members will be provided by IRPL.
Training for mentors will be a continuous process every year as per the schedule set by the IRPL academic team.

D. Teaching Methodology and Philosophy
- IRPL will transfer its teaching methodology and the philosophy to all the mentors and the key persons at the School.
- IRPL will monitor the same at the school and would suggest ways of implementation of the methodology and the philosophy in the classroom.

E. Procurement and Material Management
- Guide in developing a procurement plan to meet operational and educational requirements of the school.
- Provide the Edu-Partner the list of equipment, furniture and fixtures required for the school along with the standardized specifications.

F. IT Management
- Provide a Management Information System and arrange appropriate training.
- Recommend parameter for IT training for staff.
- Advise on network infrastructure.
- Advise on web-site registration, design, hosting and maintenance.

G. Financial & Cost Management
- Recommend training to the finance staff in implementation of the accounting and reporting systems.
- Recommend systems of cost control.
- Provide the accounting system to the partner.

H. Marketing & Promotion
- Advise and suggest the partner about various marketing and promotion activities to generate awareness and registration.
- Provide guidance and help in making the School Brochure.
- Provide designs for publicity materials such as paper ads, leaflet design, banner designs, hoardings, signboards etc and help in building media campaigns.
- Share best marketing practice to bring down cost of printing/media vehicles.
- Provide web page on the Intellisis Resources Pvt. Ltd. website for the particular school location to display all the information about the school.

I. Parent & Child Care
- Develop parameters and guidelines for child care programme.
- Develop guidelines for establishing parent-school relationship.

2. Post Operational Services
A. Curriculum and Learning Management
- Consistent evaluation of the implementation of Mind Tree Learning Systems at the classroom level by Intellisis Resource Team.
- Assistance in the evaluation of children at various levels by adopting the standardized testing practices adopted by IRPL.

B. Resources & Training Management
- Prepare and manage an appraisal and performance management programme.
- Assist in regular mentor training and development programmes.

C. IT Management
- Provide advice on up-gradation of IT hardware, software and systems.

D. Financial & Cost Management
- Provide support in implementing a financing, accounting and reporting system.
- Provide advice on preparation of balance sheet, cash flows and P&L statements, annually.

E. Marketing, Promotion & Client Care
- Advise on preparation and implementation of an annual marketing plan.
- Advise on development of PR tool kit, including key messaging, media guidelines and media awareness.

F. Facilities Management
- Identify maintenance, hygiene, landscaping and cleaning requirements.

G. Operations Management
- Provide administrative systems for running the school, such as safety & security, admission process, transport planning.

H. Quality Assurance Management
- Quality assurance training of staff.
- Advise on establishment and monitoring of in-school quality team.

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