To start your own Mind Tree School, just follow the following ten steps:

Step1 : Fill the Franchise Evaluation Form

Step 2 : Get the site approved by from us

Step 3 : Confirm the funding arrangements with financial institutions (if required)

Step 4 : Sign the standard franchise agreement

Step 5 : Start the school design process and incorporate the innovative concepts suggested by us in the layout

Step 6 : Start the school construction

Step 7 : Procure teaching equipments and furniture from suppliers

Step 8 : Follow our guidelines to attract & appoint quality staff and arrange for their training from our side

Step 9 : Launch the school with advertisements and Public Relations in consultation with our Marketing Department

Step 10 : Congratulations!!!

Now just follow the MIND TREE SCHOOL system on a day to day basis to ensure a world class schooling experience for your children

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